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Our Story

Every year in Nivala, a small town in Finland, when houses are covered by flakes, woods in snow, mothers would sit in front of the flaming fireplace, with needles in hands, knitting a cashmere cardigan for her beloved daughter. After yarns running through the mother’s fingers, stitches after stitches, she will have the little girl’s name embroidered on the cardigan. Imperfect though it may seem, each of the delicate cashmere clothing brings warmth from mother to daughter, as well as love, care, devotion, and blessings.
Once on a children party, among colourful balloons and popsicles, what the little ones wore were barely distinguishable from one another, and some were even mixed up because the child’s name was not on the cardigan. It reminded us of the long-forgotten love and care. Now in time of hustle and bustle, we all have forgotten the warmth of a hand-knitted cardigan.   
Such love and care is all wants to revive and pass down; to make a unique piece of cashmere clothing for your beloved children. Soft and delicate, CashmereFamily brings you warmth through yarns of wool and love through stitches, knitting a unique piece of cashmere clothing with blessings.

Our Company

With over 30 years’ experience in cashmere garment, CashmereFamily dedicates its expertise and understanding of what a piece a of finest quality cashmere clothing means to a wardrobe. It is a staple.

Today, CashmereFamily extends its passion to global presence with a mission to bring luxurious warmth to all by offering an online platform,, where you can design your own cashmere knitwear, from choosing the colour to style, buttons to pattern. understands the fact that fashion fades, while style remains; therefore, the company sources only the finest cashmere from Mongolia, and produce with the most remarkable craftsmanship. Every cashmere garment from CashmereFamily is of unparalleled excellence and knitted with 2-ply yarn at 12GG, which can be translated into extreme comfort, lightweight, softness and warmth. 


From comfy loungewear to stylish cardigan and dresses, you now can design your own piece of delicate cashmere knitwear in every detail with simple steps, in just a few minutes, on And we look forward to a delicate and pure luxury delivered right at your door.

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