CashmereFamily- What is the difference between wool and cashmere?

What is the difference between wool and cashmere?

May Mei

Cashmere and Wool are fabrics with similar properties used in many products. But despite their similar appearance, cashmere and wool are different.

One of the biggest differences between these two specific types of wool is their origin.

Cashmere comes from goats, the Kashmir (Cashmere) goat.  Several countries in Asia are natural habitat of this type of goat and some of them include China, Mongolia, India, Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq. Wool comes from sheep or merino sheep to be more precise. Although this sheep originates from Portugal and Spain, it is now most common in Australia and New Zealand.
So, even though sheep and goats look similar to someone who never encountered such animal before, they are very different and the quality and appearance of the wool that comes from these animals is different.

We all know that we should take care of the fabric that is used in our clothing. This is another difference between these wools.

Cashmere wool requires hand washing and it is highly recommended to avoid spot cleaning because this practice can ruin the appearance of the clothes.

Wool is slightly more durable and can be hand washed in both cold and warm water and it is perfectly fine to perform spot cleaning.

Price is one of the main factors that affect our shopping decisions.
When it comes to price, wool is absolutely less expensive than cashmere. But, as we all know price comes with quality and this is obviously a clear indicator of the quality of cashmere products.

Wool and cashmere can be used in almost every piece of clothing including socks, gloves, scarves, hats, sweaters etc. One advantage for cashmere clothing is the fact that cashmere is providing better insulation (it can keep your body warm).

It is true that cashmere is less durable, But it is also true that which is softer, smoother and slightly more comfortable. There is something about cashmere that makes people feel more comfy and this material simply radiates luxury.

Cashmere is our choice. What’s yours?