- Making Your Cashmere Last for Decades

Making Your Cashmere Last for Decades, Softer Over Time

May Mei

Taking good care of cashmere collection, the pieces can be handed down for generations. A cashmere knit is like a book. It is something to save and go back to time after time. It is the feeling of an embrace. Indeed, when cashmere is well cared for and stored, its look can improve and the feel can become even softer. After each washing, the cashmere fibers get wider and more open.

We never send cashmere sweaters to the dry , we wash them at home by hand. Never wash cashmere in a machine. It accelerates the aging of the fiber.

When cleaning cashmere at home, fills a container with warm water for pieces that are one solid color. For pieces that are printed or have more than one color, remember to use very cold water. Then, take a tablespoon of gentle hand soap or a soap that's specifically created for knitwear and dilutes it in five liters of water.

Soak the garment in water for two to three hours "without moving it," this step that allows the fibers to open. Then gently squeezes the water out without twisting the cashmere, this step until all soap and water are gone.

Lay the piece flat on a soft towel to dry. If  to iron the piece at the end, place a soft cloth on the piece so the iron is not in direct contact with the cashmere. Also, use the iron's steam setting to avoid harsh direct heat.

When stored, cashmere needs air, so it can 'breathe' because it is a natural fiber.  Store pieces in a colorless cardboard box with cedar disks inside. A lightweight fabric bag also works, but a box gives material more room to breathe, and the cedar disks deter moths while adding a subtle scent.

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